About Us

Ductmakers was established in 1996 as a joint venture company to manufacture ductwork for the three largest mechanical building services contractors in Melbourne. AG Coombs Pty Ltd, AE Smith & Son Pty Ltd and D & E Services (Vic).

Ductmakers' primary goal is to provide our customers with the timely supply of high quality ductwork and associated products, as they are required and at competitive costs. We understand that sometimes the demands of our customers' projects can change and so we have designed flexibility into our processes to manage these situations and ensure we deliver the required results in a timely manner with minimal delay or disruptions to our customers' schedules. Communication with customers is considered vital to delivering their ductwork smoothly and efficiently, so Ductmakers see it as imperative that all parties involved keep communication lines open and active to achieve successful results.

Due to the high volumes of ductwork being manufactured daily, a secure Production Schedule is maintained online via web access and can be updated in real time by customers and Ductmakers.

Ductmakers use Autodesk 2014 software (CAM-Duct) to complete take off and provide production documentation, with unique labelling for each piece of duct.